About Emu Analytics

We are an award-winning and innovative UK-based software company, specialising in real-time geospatial and temporal analytics applications, including cloud-based Digital Twins of real-time transport operations and infrastructure.

Founded in 2015 by 5 highly experienced co-founders, all of whom remain full-time employees with the business, the company is an organic, bootstrapped organisation that is repeatedly punching above its weight with regards to its product, its customers and the awards and recognition that it has attained.

Meet the team

Richard Vilton

Co-founder & CEO

Richard brings significant experience gained across three decades of strategy and technology roles within companies that include KPMG Consulting, Atos and Vodafone, as well as setting up and running a number of small businesses along the way.

With a degree in Geography, a career in data and technology, and a major coffee habit (that led him to setting up his own coffee-shop) he combines these skills to steer Emu Analytics forward and upwards.

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Jon Smith

Co-founder & Head of Delivery

Jon ensures that our clients receive the absolute best technical delivery of our Flo.w implementations, and that expectations are always exceeded.

Having worked previously for Accenture and Vodafone, in a range of technology and data related roles, Jon brings considerable experience to the team.

Literally a Rocket Scientist (MPhys in Space Science), Jon is also a keen marathon runner, cyclist, and dog owner.

Dr Robin Summerhill

Co-founder & Head of Technology

Robin is the technical authority behind our primary software products, having designed, architected, and developed them as the company has evolved.

Having gained his doctorate from Oxford, Robin has gone onto work for the likes of Cambridge Consultants, News International, Vodafone and more, providing his software development skills across a range of very high-profile applications.

When not in the office, you can find Robin relaxing aboard his house boat.

Roy Davies

Co-founder & Head of Operations

Roy ensures that all our technical operations are managed effectively and efficiently. With a first-class degree in maths, and a background in telecoms, having previously worked for Vodafone, Roy brings a methodical and analytical approach to the management of the business operations.

Outside of the office, Roy is also an avid collector and connoisseur of fine whiskeys.

Mark Brundell

Co-founder &
Head of Systems Integration

Mark is in charge of the integration of the various real-time data sources that feed into our applications. His technical consulting background spanning several decades with the likes of KPMG Consulting, Atos, Nokia/Microsoft and his degree in Computer Science position him well for such a role.

When he’s not at work, you can often find Mark flying drones with his son, BBQ’ing or embarking on ambitious DIY projects at home.

Matthew Hopkinson

Chair of the Board

With a wealth of experience and commercial expertise gained within several SMEs that have successfully established themselves within the data analytics sectors, Matthew brings invaluable leadership and strategic insight to the Emu Analytics board. He plays a pivotal role in shaping our company's direction and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

When he's not in the office, Matthew enjoys long walks with his dog.

Martine Skaret

Senior Marketing & Business Growth Manager

Originally from the icy cold Northern Norway, Martine is our go-to expert for marketing and business growth. With a background in journalism, Martine ensures the business thrives creatively and strategically. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring new coffee shops or getting lost in a good book.

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Sohyun Lim

Junior Software Developer

All the way from Korea, Sohyun is one of our exceptional software developers, constantly improving Flo.w's seamless functionality and user-friendly interface. Beyond her dedication to software development, Sohyun's heart belongs to her five cats.


Alice Goudie

Senior Location Intelligence Analyst

Alice is our location analyst extraordinaire. Based in Manchester, Alice is ready to tackle any geospatial data request you throw her way. Alice thrives on pushing her limits so when she's not mapping data, you'll find her running ultramarathons or cycling across entire countries, just for fun.


Tess Phillips

Junior Software Developer

With a background in mathematics, seamlessly integrates her problem-solving skills into her role within the delivery team. Beyond coding, Tess's commitment to making a positive impact shines through her dedication to charity work outside the office.

Francesca De Laurentis

Software Developer

Meet Fra, one of our software developers and proud Italian. From troubleshooting to implementing new features, Fra's expertise ensures that Flo.w remains at the forefront of innovation. Whether you're seeking coding assistance or recommendations for the best gelato or pasta spots in Italy, Fra has got you covered.

Mihir Singh

Software Developer

All the way from India, Mihir brings his exceptional skills as a software developer to our team. He's dedicated to always enhancing our real-time software, ensuring our clients receive dynamic insights and actionable data to drive informed decision-making. Outside of the office, he also loves spending time crafting new recipes in the kitchen.