Staying ahead means harnessing the power of location data to streamline operations, enhance safety, and drive strategic decision-making. Our Digital Twin solution, Flo.w, empowers your decisions to optimise the performance of your transport systems.

Greater Control and Efficiency

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire transportation network's dynamics. See how all moving parts of your operation interact and influence each other, enabling you to optimise planning and mitigate risks efficiently.

Inclusive Location Insights

Flo.w ensures accessibility and engagement for all stakeholders, from project teams to senior management, fostering collaboration with intuitive location insights. Our pricing model ensures universal access to everyone within your organisation.

Real-time operational and sustainability monitoring

With Flo.w, you can continuously measure and monitor your operation's performance and sustainability in real-time, enabling proactive adjustments to achieve the optimal outcomes for your operation.

Who is already benefiting from Flo.w?

Flo.w for Vehicle Fleet Telematics

By integrating seamlessly with existing fleet telematics systems, Flo.w offers a comprehensive solution for understanding fleet operations in real-time. Fleet managers can access invaluable insights into the efficiency and sustainability of their operations, both as they unfold in real-time and building up historical analysis to dig deeper into incidents. With Flo.w, operators can confidently navigate the complexities of fleet management and maximise resource utilisation, ensuring vehicles are in the right place at the right time, engaging in the most productive activities.
Discover the transformative power of Flo.w in revolutionising transport operations across the UK - from large-scale logistics to fast-paced operations.

Flo.w for Maritime Operators

Maritime operators managing ports, vessels, or sea spaces can achieve unmatched visibility into vessel movements, routes, and activities. With seamless integration with AIS data, enriched by location-based data, Flo.w provides real-time visibility into vessel movements and routes, equipping maritime operators with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of maritime management with confidence and precision.

Flo.w for Transport Authorities

Transport authorities can leverage Flo.w to gain comprehensive insights into their operations. By integrating with movement data of the operation, Flo.w offers real-time visibility into vehicle locations, routes, and hotspots of delays. Transport managers can optimise schedules, adjust routes dynamically based on traffic flow, and ensure efficient deployment of resources – making data-driven decisions to improve on-time-performance, optimise their networks efficiency and enhance the passenger experience.