Harnessing real-time data from moving assets such as aircraft and ground support vehicles, Flo.w performs powerful geospatial analysis, enabling you to efficiently manage operations, ensure safety, track performance, and produce valuable insights & evidence for strategic planning. Providing benefits to Airlines, Airports, Ground Handlers, ANSPs & Aviation Authorities.

Streamline operations

Enabling dynamic, real-time situational awareness of your airport operations, consolidating data sources to provide widely accessible insights for monitoring, alerting & rapid decision making

Historic analysis

Allow analysts to revisit historic points in time, to understand where all your operation's moving assets where during specific scenarios, and measure patterns of recurring behaviours over longer periods of time, to highlight areas of inefficiency

Analysis of airspace usage

Provides a powerful tool for organisations to analyse patterns of airspace usage by geography, time, aircraft types and more, enabling better evidence gathering and decisioning around airspace management and change.

Who is already benefiting from Flo.w?

How airlines use Flo.w

Our early adopting airline users are benefiting from the real-time situational awareness that Flo.w provides for airport operations, both at hubs and outstations, providing greater visibility and contextualised data to aid stand planning, turnaround and OTP decision-making and more, with a highly visual, accessible and sharable frontend application and a rich suite of data integration points for backend data services to be added.
British Airways CEO Sean Doyle highlights the transformative impact of Flo.w for British Airways operations at Heathrow.

How airports use Flo.w

In addition to the real-time view of airside operations, airports additionally benefit from using Flo.w to understand historic patterns of apron usage, identifying pinch points, areas of irregular aircraft dwell times, off-stand holds, ground vehicle and taxiing aircraft journey paths & durations (enabling sustainability and apron usage measurements, future infrastructure needs and potential siting and much more).

How airspace operators use Flo.w

Flo.w is also able to effectively measure and monitor the movement of aircraft in flight, providing a powerful tool for airspace authorities to better understand how airspace under their jurisdiction is utilised over user defined periods of time, enabling better and more informed decision-making for future airspace usage regulation.