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March 4, 2024

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Many visitors to our site may know that we’ve traditionally offered a range of free and premium data packs that we have previously created through our GIS and data science activities.

Even though new website that is much more focused on our digital twin software, Flo.w, we wanted to ensure that these data packs were still accessible to interested users, so we are including details on how to download or purchase these packs here:

GB Building Heights Data (Free samples and Premium):

Updated for 2022, Building Heights Great Britain includes refreshed building outlines, heights and for 2022, roof slope and aspects, derived from our analysis of open aerial Lidar data. 

Download the Product Sheet for more information

The data covers the majority of England, Wales and Scotland, with up to 88% coverage of Great Britain. The data is provided with a full Commercial License. 

You can explore this data and check its coverage in our live Flo.w application.

Free data sample Stockport Building Heights: Click here to download

Free data sample London Building Heights: Click here to download

To purchase the GB-wide data pack (available on an annual license for £899 + VAT) please send an enquiry through this form: putting Building Heights data pack enquiry into the subject, and our team will get back to you.

London Housing Density (Free DataPack)

Three representations of the built environment in London. Building Heights (per building), Building Density per Hectare and Building Volume per Hectare. Housing density is taken from the Valuation Office Agency. Residential areas have been identified from Ordnance Survey Open Map.

Click here to download DataPack

London Underground Lines (Free DataPack)

A shapefile of London Underground tube lines, plotted geographically in WGS 84. Each line is represented as a single feature.

Sourced from OSM and cleaned. A hex colour attribute is included to allow the correct style to be applied, matched to TfL branding.

Click here to download DataPack